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Dear Stakeholders,

Since the launch of the business in 2012, PT. BIA has strived to generate economic values based on preservation of environmental and social values. Therefore, PT. BIA has organized and implemented various action plans for environmental and social management in order to engage in sustainable management. This report presents efforts of PT. BIA’s people and their progress towards sustainable management and future resolutions. PT. BIA has performed and will continue to perform the following to realize sustainable management.  

First, we will continue our efforts in research and improvement activities to better utilize resources.
A scarcity of resources with increasing population has brought greater attention to effective utilization of resources. PT. BIA consults with experts in the field to develop farms by efficiently utilizing the limited land and available resources. We promise to further enhance the work process and invest in research and development in order to utilize resources in an eco-friendly manner. 

Second, we will listen to the local residents and stakeholders who may potentially be affected by the farm development.
PT. BIA respects and supports the historic culture and customs of the local residents and community. PT. BIA management does not support any project without preapproval by local residents and communities, and strives to find the way to co-exist. In 2016, we established the Plasma Local Union and worked to expand our cooperative growth with small-scale individual farms, such as determining the Plasma farm area. We will become a company that contributes to development of local economy with consistent communication.

Third, We will lead the enhancement of environmental management.
PT. BIA will strive to find ways to generate sustainable values from palm business. In 2016, PT. BIA signed an agreement with PwC Korea to develop enhancement plans for environmental and social management. PwC Korea examined our environmental management status in palm business against RSPO P&C(Principle & Criteria) and we implemented the recommendations that they  provided. In addition, PT. BIA established the Environmental & Social Committee for the first time for a systematic environmental and social management.

To fulfil sustainable management, PT. BIA will continue to enhance the execution of environmental and social management, and diversify communication channels and methods to pursue balanced growth with the stakeholders. We ask for your consistent attention and support through our journey towards sustainable management. 


February 2017

Kong Byoung Sun, CEO

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